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Our People Make the Difference

Your total service and solutions provider, partnering to keep your treatment processes performing their best

Field Services

Quality, Experienced Personnel

All of Calgon Carbon's Field Service professionals are well-trained and experienced using a variety of media exchange equipment, encompassing vacuum, eduction, bulk trailers, slurry systems and others. Our Field Service professionals are trained and certified in the operation of all equipment used at customer facilities. We are...
• A world-class safety organization
• Service specialists for more than 35 years
• HAZWOPER-, OSHA- and confined space-certified
• Certified air filtration technicians (CAFS, NCT I and II)
• DISA national substance-abuse testing participants
• Background-verified for your security

One Call Does It All

With Calgon Carbon, one call does it all. We can manage any job, no matter how big or small, from refilling indoor air filtration panels to the operation of fully integrated air and
liquid phase purification systems. Calgon Carbon is the only supplier that manufactures carbon and equipment, and provides exchange and reactivation services. We handle all the logistics so you don't have to.

Markets Served

• Municipal water
• Municipal wastewater
• Building air
• Brewing
• Bottling
• Industrial wastewater
• Landfill leachate
• Chemical production
• Water remediation
• Odor control
• Industrial VOCs
• Flue gas
• Catalyst
• Solvent recovery
• Remediation VOCs
• Gas processing
• Laboratory hood exhausts
• Anywhere activated carbon is utilized

Field Services

One Source. Many Services.

Calgon Carbon, the world's leading supplier of activated carbon products and technologies, offers a complete range of services, each designed to make the job of selecting, installing and managing your treatment systems easier than ever. Calgon Carbon Field Service provides total on-site service and solutions support for all of your air, water and chemical process units. Our standard services include, but are not limited to...
• Filter Removal and Replacement
     Activated carbon
     Ion exchange resin
     Support media
     Potassium permanganate
     Many others
• BIBO housing and indoor air filter replacement
• 24/7 emergency response capabilities
• Vessel lease and purchase programs
• System automation with programmable logic controls
• Installation, start-up and operator training services
• System inspection and maintenance programs
• Media, technology and equipment selection assistance
• Vacuum, slurry and eduction transfer capabilities
• On-site exchange of modular vessels
• Vessel and media disinfection
• Pilot and field testing
• Process optimization and troubleshooting
• PLC and HMI programming and troubleshooting
• Full range of media analytical services
• Multiple recycling options including RCRA hazardous materials

Field Services

A Total Service and Solutions Provider

There's simply no reason not to leave your activated carbon management program to the most trusted name in the business.

We offer a full complement of on-site installation, maintenance, technical, transportation and disposal services, including emergency response. We can work with you to develop a customized activated carbon program tailored to your process and site requirements.

Cost Effectiveness
Calgon Carbon minimizes your costs by providing activated carbon, media, field services, transportation, reactivation and disposal services in one bundled package. A full range of flexible payment options, from customized financing programs to leases and service contracts, is available.

On-Site Activated Carbon Exchange
Calgon Carbon has all the equipment and experienced personnel you need to make your on-site activated carbon exchange quick, clean and safe. Once activated carbon is removed from your site, it is handled and disposed of using methods that are environmentally friendly and in full regulatory compliance. Through the use of our wholly owned and operated reactivation facilities, we "close the loop" on your activated carbon disposal liability, minimizing the costs and delays you can experience when using multiple suppliers.

On-Site Filter Exchange
If on-site activated carbon exchange is not feasible at your facility, Calgon Carbon can manage the exchange of your modular, spent carbon vessels. Your old filter(s) will be removed and replaced with a fresh treatment vessel, fully restocked with high-quality virgin or reactivated carbon. We manage the whole process for you, even if your current unit isn't one of ours.

Complete Equipment Systems and Maintenance
Calgon Carbon manufactures and supplies a wide range of air and liquid phase purification systems with valuable services such as equipment inspection, maintenance programs, spare parts, process troubleshooting, unit installation and start-up, and operator training. Our changeout services aren't just for carbon. They extend to other media, including potassium permanganate, anthracite, sand, gravel, ion exchange resins and support media.

Automation Controls Services
Calgon Carbon's Field Service Engineers work on a wide range of automation controls for activated carbon adsorption, air filtration, odor control and ISEP systems. We provide installation, programming, maintenance and troubleshooting of PLC, HMI and low- and high-voltage circuits.

Technical Expertise
Our technical staff is unparalleled in activated carbon process expertise and experience. They can address all your process requirements and problems, from basic troubleshooting to carbon and equipment selection, process optimization, operating economics, project management, pilot and field testing and analytical services.

No one does as much, as well, as Calgon Carbon Field Service.

Field Services

Calgon Carbon's Service Experience

Calgon Carbon was one of the first companies to develop and introduce a full range of services to allow the easy and efficient application of activated carbon to meet customer air and water purification challenges.

For more than 50 years, we've pioneered leading-edge services for drinking water, wastewater, air filtration, odor control, pollution abatement, solvent recovery, ultraviolet lamp systems and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes.

Field Service Mission Statement

The field service department of Calgon Carbon Corporation is a cross-functional team of dedicated mechanical and electrical service specialists that provides the highest quality media handling, equipment installation and maintenance services to products making water and air safer and cleaner. We evince this through being a knowledgeable and reliable partner for our customers.

Field Services

Our People Make the Difference

P rofessional
+ A daptable
+ R esponsive
+ T rustworthy
+ N eat
+ E xperienced
+ R esponsible
+ S afe
= Your Service Partner

Calgon Carbon Corporation Overview

Calgon Carbon Corporation (NYSE: CCC) is a global leader in services and solutions for making water and air safer and cleaner, and for purifying food, beverage and industrial process streams. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, the company operates 16 manufacturing, reactivation, and equipment fabrication facilities, and 20 sales and service centers.

Calgon Carbon, which is known as Chemviron Carbon in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, serves thousands of customers around the world.

Field Services Map

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