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Pur Air Filter

The PUR AIR® COMBO filter fits easily in place of any standard 2''-thick throw-away particulate prefilter. As air passes through the PUR AIR® COMBO, dust is removed in the particulate
section and odorous gases are controlled in the activated carbon section. The PUR AIR® COMBO is most effective in a recirculating application. Each time the recirculated air passes through the filter, its level of purity is increased.

Odor and Dust Control Filter

The PUR AIR® COMBO provides a quick, inexpensive solution to most odor problems. The filter removes odors from smoking, cooking, light manufacturing, restrooms, and many other applications.

The Pur Air® Combo is Well Suited For Use In:

• Office buildings
• Health clubs
• Shopping malls
• Beauty salons
• Restaurants
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Doctor and dentist offices
• Veterinary Offices

Particulate Filter Media

The particulate filter is produced from reinforced, nonwoven cotton fibers. The media has a high dust retention capacity due to the unique formation of the fibers, which offers maximum surface area. For safety purposes, the media is treated with a fire-retardant additive, UL Class 2 for Flammability. This media is rated at 25%-35% average efficiency when tested in accordance with ASHRAE test method 52-2-2007. The air resistance value exceeds 90%. The filter has a high reliability under all operating conditions.


Pur Air Dimensions


PUR AIR® COMBO filters are enclosed in a frame that is die cut from two pieces of heavy duty beverage board. This unit includes diagonal support members, which are an integral part of the frame. Each member, and all inside surfaces, is bonded to the particulate media pack and the carbon pack. This bonding ensures proper pleat spacing, retention of pleat and carbon pack, and eliminates the possibility of contaminated air bypassing the filter. When assembled, the two mating sections of the frame overlap to provide a rigid double wall construction on all four sides.

Activated Carbon

The carbon pack is fabricated of a rigid support structure charged with activated carbon. The activated carbon typically has a surface area of 1,000 square meters per gram or over one million square feet of surface area per square foot of PUR AIR® COMBO filter. The activated carbon is loaded in the carbon pack in a partial bypass configuration to promote odor removal and long life in a recirculation application. The actual life of the filter is a function of the dust loading and vapor loading of each application.

Safety Message

Activated carbon preferentially removes oxygen from air. In closed or partially closed containers and vessels, oxygen depletion may reach hazardous levels. If workers are to enter a vessel containing carbon, appropriate sampling and work procedures for potentially low oxygen spaces should be followed, including all applicable Federal and State requirements.

Limitations of Liability

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein, in no event shall Supplier or its contractors or suppliers of any tier be liable to Purchaser for any indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages as a result of a breach of any provision hereunder or for any other claim of any kind arising out of or relating to this document, whether in contract, in tort (including without limitation, negligence or strict liability), indemnification or otherwise. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein, for all losses, damages, liabilities or expenses (including attorney’s fees and costs), whether for indemnity or negligence, including errors, omissions or other acts, or willful misconduct, or based in contract, warranty (including any costs and fees for repairing, replacing or re-performing services or curing a breach hereof), or for any other cause of action (individually, a “Claim”; collectively, “Claims”), Supplier’s liability, including the liability of its insurers, employees, agents, directors, and officers and all other persons for whom Supplier is legally responsible, shall not, to the maximum extent permitted by law, exceed in the cumulative aggregate with respect to all Claims arising out of or related to this document, the total amount of compensation paid to Supplier hereunder. All Claims of whatsoever nature shall be deemed waived unless made in writing within forty-five (45) days of the occurrence giving rise to the Claim.

Warranty Disclaimer

Calgon Carbon Corporation warrants that the Pur Air® Combo Filters will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days following the date of purchase. In the event of a breach of this warranty, Calgon Carbon Corporation will, in its discretion, repair or replace any defective parts or the complete unit during the warranty period. This warranty does not apply to defects caused by (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) accident, disaster or event of force majeure, (iii) misuse, fault or negligence of or by Buyer, (iv) use of Pur Air® Combo Filters in a manner for which it is not designed, (v) external causes such as, but not limited to, power failure or electrical power surges, or (vi) improper storage and handling of the Pur Air® Combo Filters. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED IN THIS WARRANTY STATEMENT, CALGON CARBON CORPORATION DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER STATUTORY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. CALGON CARBON CORPORATION DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE PUR AIR® COMBO FILTERS ARE ERROR-FREE OR WILL ACCOMPLISH ANY PARTICULAR RESULT. ANY ADVICE OR ASSISTANCE FURNISHED BY CALGON CARBON CORPORATION IN RELATION TO THE PUR AIR® COMBO FILTERS PROVIDED FOR HEREUNDER SHALL NOT GIVE RISE TO ANY WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. THIS WARRANTY WILL TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ANY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES UNLESS SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMED AND REFERENCED BY CALGON CARBON CORPORATION.

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